The Light-Pro Prosthesis

Light-Pro ProsthesisLight-Pro ProsthesisLight-Pro Prosthesis

Average weight for the below knee prosthesis is 1-3/4 lbs.
Average weight for the above knee prosthesis is 4-3/4 lbs.

The most common complaint of amputees today is that their artificial limb is too heavy. In response, the research staff at Rothschild’s Orthopedic Appliances developed the lightweight prosthesis known as the Light-Pro prosthesis.

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About the The Light-Pro

The Light-Pro prosthesis was completed in 1992 by Vernon Rothschild and research staff. Experiments with various types of lightweight plastics led to the product development.

Using technological advances of space-age plastics such as copolymers, our researchers met the challenge of fabricating prostheses that are considerably lighter, stronger and more durable than conventional artificial limbs. They developed a prosthesis made entirely of light-weight copolymer plastic and void of heavy wood, laminates, resins and metal components. The result was the Rothschild Orthopedic Light-Pro Total Thermoplastic Prosthesis.

The response from amputees to the Light-Pro was tremendous. Enthusiastic comments from satisfied clients include: “it feels like my real leg,” “the prosthesis keeps pace with me,” “I have a spring in my step.”

The Light-Pro prosthesis is 40-60% lighter than most conventionally made artificial limbs. The average weight for the below the knee prosthesis is 1 3/4 lbs. and about 4 3/4 for above the knee prosthesis.

Video of our prosthetic patients in action Light-Pro Prosthesis video
View video of our prosthetic patients in action View our Light-Pro Prosthesis video